Events for the week of august 12 to 18, 2022


Find the events that occurred from August 12 to 18, 2022 in West Africa and Sahel. They concern: Burkina Faso, Mali, and Nigeria.

August 12th to 18th 2022


Burkina Faso

Soldiers caught in a mine explosion on the Dori-Sebba road

This Friday, August 12, a team from the 11th Commando Infantry Regiment of Dori was the victim of an improvised explosive device attack on the Dori-Sebba road.

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ISGS attack on the village of Assaylal

On Friday, August 12, around 5:00 p.m., a group of armed men affiliated with ISGS attacked the village of Assaylal, located 18 km south of Ménaka.


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Bank employee shot dead in Timbuktu

This Saturday, August 13, at about 9 p.m., unidentified gunmen fatally shot an employee of the bank.

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Barkhane neutralizes two terrorists in Tassiga

On the morning of August 13, a unit of the Monclar battle group put two terrorists out of action in the vicinity of Tassiga

Burkina Faso

Terrorists set fire to the water and forestry station in Solenzo

This Saturday, August 13, terrorists set fire to the water and forestry station in Solenzo.

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Special operation of the FAMa in the sector of Balaguina.

On August 13, the AFM neutralized five terrorists during a special operation against terrorist elements in the Balaguina area of the Sofara Circle. Four FAMa were wounded.

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Air strike against 2 Katibat Serma bases

On August 13, 2022, the AFM conducted a strike against two Katibat Serma bases in the Godowaré forest 30 km northeast of Mondoro. Twenty-two terrorists were neutralized and 37 FAMa were wounded.


Nigerian army air strike against Boko Haram members

In sunday 14th The Nigerian Air Force fighter jet strikes, killed a notorious terrorist Commander, Aminu Duniya and scores of BokoHaram terrorists in Niger State. The terrorists assembled at Kurebe in Shiroro LGA, for a meeting hosted by their commander.


Burkina Faso

Fire and explosion of an improvised explosive device north of Ouahigouya

This Tuesday, August 16, a fire broke out in an office at the University of Ouahgouya, following which a vehicle bomb exploded. No definitive results are available at this time, only injuries were reported.


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Clashes between the FAMa and terrorists on the RN16 near Boni

On 08/17/2022, at approximately 6:00 PM in the Douentza region. A large column of jihadist fighters on motorcycles was intercepted by the FAMa 7km from Boni on the RN16. Several elements of the armed groups were killed. After several minutes of ground fighting followed by air force intervention, Malian aircraft intervened. The sound of the strikes could be heard in all the localities along the river.


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Offensive reconnaissance of the FAMa in Doumbol

On August 18, around 4:00 p.m., an offensive reconnaissance was conducted by the AFM in the locality of Doumbol, 32 km southeast of Sofara, against a group of the Katibat Macina. Three terrorists were killed and two AK-47s, a Chinese rifle and ammunition were recovered.

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