Events for the week of august 01 to 04, 2022

Events from august 1st to 04th 2022

Find the events that occurred from August 1 to 4, 2022 in West Africa and Sahel. They concern: Burkina Faso, and Mali.

August 1st to 4th 2022


Carte pour les événements au Mali

Ambush of supply convoy between Douentza and Hombori

On Monday 1 August, the convoy that left Douentza for Hombori fell into an ambush set up by the jihadists, no report is available, but concordant sources announce significant material damage and loss of human life

Carte pour les événements au Mali

Logistics shelters destroyed and survivors in Sokolo

On Monday 1 August, elements of the EIGS stole hundreds of head of cattle from Inekar and Assakareye in the commune of Anouzagrene and transported them to Anderamboukane and the borders between Mali and Niger.

Burkina Faso

Drone strike in Pognoa Sankoado

On 1 August, drones hit Pognoa Sankoado, 10km from the Togolese border in the east of Burkina Faso in the Kompienga region.


Burkina Faso

Attack on a vehicle on the Gorom Gorom Oursi axis

On Tuesday 2 August, terrorists disguised as SDF attacked a vehicle on the Gorom Gorom Oursi road, killing 8 people and injuring 5 others.

Burkina Faso

Attack on a police station in Manni

Armed men attacked the Manni police station. They arrived on a motorbike and opened fire on the building. No casualties were reported.

Carte pour les événements au Mali

Terrorists killed in Diabali forest

On Tuesday 02 August logistical shelters were destroyed and terrorist survivors of the Sokolo attack were killed in the forests of Diabali. A FAMA vehicle stolen in 2019 was recovered and weapons and ammunition were destroyed.

Carte pour les événements au Mali

Terrorists fled from FAMA in Sokolo

On Tuesday 2 August fighters from the Macina katiba avoided contact with a FaMa patrol around Sokolo. They left behind an equipped vehicle and a large quantity of arms and ammunition.

Burkina Faso

Theft of a tanker truck in Doumbassa

On 02 August, terrorists kidnapped a tanker truck in Doumbassa . The position of the tanker removed in Doumbassa was reported in Lanfiera


Carte pour les événements au Mali

FAMa offensive in several locations

FAMA offensive from 29/07 to 03/08 in several #locations: The balance sheet is : – 14 terrorists neutralized and 3 wounded, – Several materials and heavy weapons recovered and cocaine seized, – 1 hostage released


Burkina Faso

Terrorists shot dead in clash with VDP in Bourzanga

On Thursday 04 August at least 33 terrorists were shot dead during an attack on VDP positions in Bourzanga. The toll was 3 soldiers and 9 VDP killed and 8 wounded, as well 2 civilians wounded.

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