Events for the week of august 05 to 11, 2022

Events from august 5th to 11th 2022

Find the events that occurred from August 5 to 11, 2022 in West Africa and Sahel. They concern: Burkina Faso, and Mali.

August 5th to 11th 2022


Carte pour les événements au Mali

Attack on a checkpoint in Yangasso

During the night of 4 to 5 August armed individuals attacked the checkpoint of Yangasso. One civilian lost his life and material losses were recorded.

Carte pour les événements au Mali

Explosion of a trapped body in Bankass circle

This Friday 5/08 Several people were killed in the explosion of a body bomb in Dembo in the cercle of Bankass


Carte pour les événements au Mali

Barkhane air strike in Talataye

On Saturday 6 August Barkhane conducted a major operation in Talataye in the early evening. Important JNIM leaders were reportedly present. The French air strike targeted the JNIM leader, Lyad Ag Ghali. The toll was one vehicle destroyed and 6 occupants dead. Equipment was recovered and terrorists fled on 2 motorbikes.
Burkina Faso

VDP repel an attack in Silmangué

Civilian army auxiliaries, VDP, repelled a terrorist attack on the village of Silmangué in north central Burkina Faso on the night of August 6-7. One VDP was killed in the fighting.


Carte pour les événements au Mali

Attack on a military facility in Tessit

On Sunday, August 7, members of the ISGS attacked a FAMA camp in Tessit, killing seven assailants, 17 soldiers, and four civilians. 22 were wounded and nine were reported missing. Ilyas Ag Kaho, the second deputy mayor of Tessit, was executed. Abdoul Malick Ag Ahna, the first deputy mayor, was kidnapped.

Carte pour les événements au Mali

Explosion of an IED against an armoured vehicle "FAMA and Wagner

This Sunday, August 7, an IED exploded against a “FAMA and Wagner” armored vehicle on the Dala-Boni road. This attack was claimed by the JNIM.


Burkina Faso

Attack by armed men on the town of Sima

This Monday, August 8, unidentified armed men attacked the town of Sima in the province of Yatenga. The toll was 4 VDP, 6 civilians, killed and 2 VDP missing.

Carte pour les événements au Mali

Attack of a vehicle on the axis of the head of the tax center in Sambere.

This Monday, August 8, the vehicle of the head of the tax center in Mopti was attacked. Two people were abducted and one died as a result of the assailants’ fire.


Burkina Faso

IED ambush in Namssiguia

IED ambush against a unit of the 14th Inter-Arms Regiment (RIA) this 09/08 in Namssiguia.


Burkina Faso

Attack on the gendarmerie of Solenzo

On Thursday, August 11, an attack on the gendarmerie brigade of Solenzo took place. The “assailants” then dynamited the building of the police station of the same locality before withdrawing.

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